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With more than 20 years of experience and a team of qualified roofing and roof renovation professionals, we know how important it is to eliminate moisture and leakage problems on the roof.

These should not be underestimated. Over the years, materials will suffer fatigue and water can penetrate. However, in many cases we also encounter problems that are due to poor workmanship or the use of cheap materials. The accumulation of dirt over the years and a non-functioning water draining can also cause damage. Therefore, it is advisable to have a roof inspected by a professional company from time to time.

We are specialists in all repairs and offer the following assembly work:

– Arabic brick is the most traditional and previously used weatherproofing

* Double interlocking tiles: The modern tiles offer secure protection with a correct gradient. In addition to modern flat designs, they are also available in traditional designs. In addition to reliable weather protection, the advantage is that dry installation is possible. The tiles are then ventilated from behind, thus preventing the appearance of moisture due to condensation. This installation also offers the possibility of replacing a defective tile without any effort if necessary.

* Bitumen shingles: They offer the aesthetics of a traditional roof at a very affordable price and it is a very effective solution for pergolas, warehouses and other uninhabited spaces.

– Sandwich panels: now a widely used product for roof waterproofing. These are panels consisting of two steel sheets, one on the inside of the room with different designs and the other on the outside. In between there is thermal insulation made of very effective polyurethane. These enable very light roofs with a low slope and installation is very quick.

– Galvanized steel sheets: A very cost-effective and reliable solution in the area of ​​roof sealing

– Aluminum sheets: They also have a high level of mechanical corrosion resistance and are also available in decorative designs.

We also install professionally and ensure correct execution of…

    Roof windows

    Skylights with clear or translucent glass

    PVC or metal gutters

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We are mainly working in the Maspalomas and Mogán area in the south of Gran Canaria and we are excited to learn about your project. Especially nonstandard requests often become the most interesting projects. With our dedication we will guarantee you a long lasting high quality result. Get in touch with us and we will give you a proposal without any commitment.
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