Effective pigeon defense systems

Pigeon droppings can build up on roofs, fill gutters and then overflow onto patios when it rains. Therefore, to keep the problem at bay, we recommend that you install a pigeon protection system on your roof adapted to the level of pollution.

If you want to free your roof from this burden, we are specialists in installing bird protection systems and offer our service throughout the island of Gran Canaria:

– We locate and show all points and areas to be protected

– We advise you which system is most effective for the respective situation

– We carry out the assembly directly

– We guarantee professional execution of the details

– Regular checks are then carried out at set intervals

Pigeons are very common in Gran Canaria and can quickly become a nuisance, which can then affect your property and possibly even affect the health of the residents.

Installing bird deterrent measures offers you the following advantages:

* All systems aim to prevent birds from staying on your property or structure as much as possible.

* Prevents birds from building their nests in gutters

* Installation is usually quick and is very efficient and durable.

* Normally no structural work is required

Types of bird deterrent systems

There are different deterrent devices and we constantly monitor the behavior of the animals in order to be able to choose the best solution for each situation to ensure an optimal result.

These are some of the most effective pigeon control systems…

– Anti-pigeon spikes: These combs of spikes to prevent pigeons from landing on walls, cornices or other areas of the roof.

– Image, sound and movement devices: If a sound, an object or a light effect seems dangerous to them, they start to flee or do not approach and this can prevent them from building their nests.

– Water sprinklers: Requires motion detectors to be installed. Pigeons are very sensitive to jets of water. It is a system that is particularly used in the garden area.

– Pigeon protection nets: They can be installed on flat or sloping roofs or to specifically protect certain areas. It is a very effective system that offers up to 100% protection.

– Nylon threads: They can be used like nets to protect surfaces and have the advantage that the surface remains accessible.

If you contact us by email or WhatsApp or mobile phone on 653 192 332, we will be happy to visit you on site to determine the level of stress and we will offer you the best solution adapted to your circumstances.

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