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We are specialists in the planning and construction of wooden gazebos. We execute all carpentry jobs  in a custom way and we have more than 20 years of experience with a wide range of completed gazebos throughout the island of Gran Canaria, especially in the south in Maspalomas and Mogán, but also in the Las Palmas area. Our team of carpenters is skilled and qualified and we offer individual advice and design. We plan and carry out all construction details very carefully, because it is important that the wood does not come into contact with damp elements. But if it is exposed to the weather and can dry easily after a rain, for example, then wood is a very durable material.

Depending on your requirements and aesthetics, we will also advise you on choosing the most suitable type of wood, such as:

Solid woods. The softwoods spruce and pine can be well protected with staint, while the hardwoods mulberry or mahogany look very elegant and are very durable.

Glued laminated timber offers the great advantage that all kind of cross-sections are available. They offer high static strength and do not twist.

Pretreated wood already provides wood protection before coming to the workplace. This means they do not require any additional treatment and are therefore very durable and maintenance-free. These wood treatments are suitable for use under more humid conditions  such as on the beach or in the garden or even for facades. With thermally modified wood, the structure of the cells is modified in such a way that, for example, the durability class of softwood can be improved from 5 to 2 or even 1 without any further treatment. Since no chemicals are used here, it is also a very environmentally friendly process. In the case of pressure-impregnated wood, it is permanently protected with salts in low-pressure chambers down to the deeper layers.

In addition to a constructive wood protection, there are a variety of paints available. By choosing the right wood preservative stain or paint, we can protect the wood, give it the desired finish and thus avoid costly follow-up maintenance. If you need a protection against birds for your gazebo we also can give you advice and install efficient systems.


There are many uses for a wooden pergola

A custom-made wooden pergola is the ideal supporting structure that can serve various purposes:

A porch is the ideal addition to your home and forms the perfect transition to your patio or garden. You can enjoy the outdoor climate and still be protected from the weather.

A garden pavilion is an eye-catcher and allows you to enjoy your garden accordingly.

A gazebo often serves as an extension to the house and can be quickly set up and expanded using drywall construction.

A wooden gazebo provides the ideal protection for your car as a carport and ensures that your car does not overheat and if it is closed, it also prevents dew from forming on the windows.

The right coverings and extras for your wooden gazebo

There are a variety of possible combinations for your wooden gazebo such as roof tiles, tongue and groove boarding, glass, privacy trellies, fabric awnings, fabric, etc.


Create your own luxurious chill out area

With a gazebo you can transform your terrace into the living area of ​​your house and offer perfect protection from sun, rain and wind. We can design your wooden gazebo that best suits the style of your home, allowing you to choose between modern, minimalistic, decorative or rustic designs.

Installation is quick and usually requires no construction work. You can create your own chill-out area by combining elegant materials such as solid or composite wooden deckings or artificial grass with elements such as a swimming pool, a whirlpool, an outdoor kitchen, sofas, tables or, for example, a custom-made swing.

Take a look at the gazebos which we have designed and built in recent years, especially in the areas of Maspalomas, Mogán and around Las Palmas.

EACH JOB IS A CUSTOM PIECEHave a look at the gazebos which we have build

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We are mainly working in the Maspalomas and Mogán area in the south of Gran Canaria and we are excited to learn about your project. Especially nonstandard requests often become the most interesting projects. With our dedication we will guarantee you a long lasting high quality result. Get in touch with us and we will give you a proposal without any commitment.
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