We specialize in making flat and pitched roofs water proof and our team of qualified employees has extensive experience in this area.

We will use the most suitable system for every job, also relying on our years of experience:

– Acrylic sealing coatings. They are easy to apply and very efficient, but require reapplication every few years

– Polyurethane-based paints. They are very elastic, ensure high quality and have a high resistance to UV rays. They are also very easy to apply and offer a seamless seal.

– Bituminous membranes offer high reliability and versatility when adapting to different needs and surfaces.

– EPDM films (ethylene propylene diene monomer) are also supplied in very large dimensions. It is an extremely elastic and resistant material and are also UV-stable

– PVC sheets. They are very reliable and can be easily adapted to the surface, even with special molded parts. They offer high UV resistance and can be processed completely floating.

WE WILL PROPOSE THE MOST EFFECTIVE SYSTEM FOR YOUR NEEDSA small selection of our many water proofing jobs

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We are mainly working in the Maspalomas and Mogán area in the south of Gran Canaria and we are excited to learn about your project. Especially nonstandard requests often become the most interesting projects. With our dedication we will guarantee you a long lasting high quality result. Get in touch with us and we will give you a proposal without any commitment.
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