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June 16, 2021

Did you ever think about the use of your property before buying? Buying a property which is located in a touristic area can be affected in different ways than a property which is located in an area which is classified as residential. The idea behind this is that a touristic area is a similar classification as for example an industrial area. However, in the case of an industrial area it doesn´t seem very appealing to build a house there or even buy some warehouse for living, but in the tourist area of Gran Canaria it had been more and more popular that private owners acquire apartments or bungalows which are designed and respond to different requirements such as for tourists. Living in a tourist city with its lazy lifestyle is a very appealing idea right?

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We are mainly working in the Maspalomas and Mogán area in the south of Gran Canaria and we are excited to learn about your project. Especially nonstandard requests often become the most interesting projects. With our dedication we will guarantee you a long lasting high quality result. Get in touch with us and we will give you a proposal without any commitment.
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